11 September 2008

Politics 2008

I have one burning desire when it comes to politics. I want everyone to have access to the same truthful information. Big wish, I know. Especially with all the media spin in present times. If I was an undecided voter, I'm not sure what I would make of all the TV ads and pundit analysis.

I would like to believe that I wouldn't be swayed by the half-truths and straight-out lies that are all over the TV screen and the internet. But, if I didn't have access to the truth, how would I know? How could I ever make an informed, not emotional, choice in the voting booth?

Rather than preaching my personal beliefs on this election process I'm going to share one website with you. One site that is useful to ALL Americans, whether they are decided or not, conservative or liberal, red, blue, purple or green.

The website is FactCheck.org.

Please, for the love of this country, visit this site weekly (or subscribe via RSS!). These folks are doing a valiant job of exposing truth in these political times. Thank goodness.



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