18 August 2008

Do we have any idea what we are doing?

How big this is? How much waste we produce? How much it impacts the world? How big the world is?

I don't know about you, but when I feel I'm in for some mind-boggling I sit down and start thinking about how many people there are in NYC...and then in other cities like Beijing or Munich or Paris...and then I start thinking about how impossibly many people there are on Earth. Yes, I know the figures. I could just think about the number...but it's not really the same humbling feeling.

Chris Jordan is a photographic artist who has created a number of masterful pieces of artwork that help us visualize numbers that are really beyond the comprehension level of "whoa that's a lot." He is brilliant and if you haven't spent some time exploring his website, you should do it today.

p.s. More foodie pictures coming soon...my computer had to be wiped and reinstalled, so I'm just now getting that stuff back together.



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