31 July 2008


Helpfulness..., originally uploaded by sunpath.

The conversation went something like this:

Me: Caleb! Please, how about you lay on this chair - or the kitchen counter - instead.

Caleb: (jumps off counter where I have placed him as , apparently, the paper I set up for him there (bills!) is not adequate for his needs)

Me: sigh. As long as you leave the piece I am working on alone.

Caleb: (makes a nice nest before determining that his chosen paper is missing a key component. A sort of je ne sais quoi... Oh yes, my undivided attention, that's it)

Me: No - Caleb! Why do you have to lay on the one piece of paper I need to work with?!?

And so on ...

I e-mailed this picture to Dylan...for a midday laugh. His response?

"Of course! That is what he lives for :)"

And, of course, he is right. Paper? All over the table? Caleb must have died and gone to heaven.


Mary E said...

Oh Mr. Kaleb!!
Do you have a sewing machine?

MichaM said...

We are borrowing a machine from a friend...and loving every minute of it!


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