27 January 2008

Cardamom Lime Sweet Rolls

Cardamom-Lime Sweet Rolls, originally uploaded by sunpath.

This is an easy recipe at the very end of ths month's Cooking Light. I HIGHLY reccomend that you give it a go. It is really lite and delicious..not heavy and nauseating like some sweet roll recipes can be. If you are interested in the recipe and aren't a CL subscriber, shoot me an e-mail.


ray said...

I also had a cinni-bon craving at the end of last week (I know if you ask my wife she will tell you that the amazing cook who keeps her fed IS NOT A BAKER) my cinni-bonny goodies didn't look that yummy. Sadly enough mine were a bit over cooked & are best with coffee to tame the spice-monger's work (& mother nature's zealousness with some wickedly potent orange zest...)

Which brings me to the point of requesting your recipe for the rolls.

I does love cardamom & I don't find enough good uses for the 3rd most expensive spice in the world in my little corner cookery.

Cheers to pastry!
Shaza for sharing your culinary triumph with a shnazy photo!


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