25 July 2006

Horray for Floyd!

Addendum: Did he really win? Why would he use steroids at that point in the race? If he did, did he really think he wouldn't get caught?


Oh Floyd...you really had me all worked up. I hope, for the sake of cycling and for your own sake, that you really are clean.

So, we all know by now that Floyd Landis won the Tour de France this year after an amazing/superhuman comeback in stage 17. He's the best rider out there right now. Even with an arthritic hip.

Sadly, Lance Armstrong, part owner in team Discovery, former team mate of Landis and all-around ass, has dissed Floyd's success by commenting that ""I'm glad that a guy who came through our program has won,"..."We can take a small bit of credit for helping develop Floyd."

Yeah...I guess...and Floyd can take a big bit of credit for being who he is.



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