20 July 2006

Car free, care free?

Well...not exactly...

One surburbanite woman (living in Normal, IL) has taken on the challenge of getting around with her two daughters for the month of July sans car.

See her blog here

What she seems to be discovering is a newfound disgust for the fact that it is so impossible to get around via public transport if you don't live in a major city (I'm thinking NYC, Chicago, Seattle, etc.).

I can totally relate. Tucson is similar to C. Springs in the fact that it seems to have been dropped from the sky and splattered all over the earth. It sprawls, okay?

When we were looking for a house we tried to find something near the University/Downtown. Bad news, unless we wanted to live in a complete fixer we were priced out of the market. And that's Tucson real estate prices. So, our next best choice was our current neighborhood, one designed around the idea of "New Urbanism."

Bad news again...
There is nothing within walking distance of our house. Nothing.

So, I can sympathize with our friend in Normal, IL. I've thought of biking to work...but I need to build endurance to make the 50 mile round trip ride. The bus doesn't even come to our part of town. We both *need* cars.

It's just gross.

I say, more power to the public transportation riders!



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