03 November 2005

life at the spa

Now that we've been her for 10+ days it has finally hit me. This isn't another short jaunt to the desert so Dylan can interview. We are actually living at the spa.
Having never attended a full-on summer camp as a child I can only imagine that this is what the adult version is like. There are hikes, bike rides, yoga and craft classes scheduled throughout the day. The hardest decisions you have to make are whether you want to hike in the morning or have an invigorating yoga class; whether you want to participate in the drumming circle or take a decoupage class.
I just finished with an excellent yoga class. The instructor (who also teaches the death-abs class) leads a challenging class and then during Savasana, as she finds spaces, chants/sings in the most beautiful voice as you take in energy from the universe surrounding you.
For lunch today I'm going to go to "Lunch and Learn," which is a cooking class. Today we'll be making crispy coconut crusted salmon (it's an illiteration lunch).
I've also been hiking quite a bit and taking pictures as much as possible. Dylan is back to work now, and really enjoying himself. I'm glad that he's found a place that is healthy for him to work (physically as well as psychologically). We both feel blessed to have been granted this opportunity in our lifetime. Then again, as the proverb goes, "luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity." Dylan's diligence, even in a crappy job, set him up to be selected for this opportunity. I have to say, I know that I wouldn't have had the patience to stick it out as long as he did in his previous situation...
So, things are going well, especially for being in flux as we are. Caleb and Rory are still being boarded but I have two good leads on people that might be able to care for them, so I'm planning to break them out of jail soon...



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