01 November 2005

38 cats

Though Caleb and Rory are managing the transition well I know that they can't wait until they get to leave the caged environment of the Sabino Canyon Pet Resort (it is a kennel, despite the euphimism).
I visit them every day and have an ad on the local Craigslist to try and find someone to take them into their home for slightly more than a month, but it's hard finding someone that wants to follow through on their initial response to my posting. Today, on reccomendation from one of the receptionists at Sabino Canyon, I spoke with their groomer who, I was told, rescues cats and might be able to take our buggers.
We started talking and she seemed nice enough, telling me about all the kinds of cats (and Rotweillers) she rescues. Then she got to the part about how she currently has 38 cats. I suddenly felt like I was in a parallel universe. Who in their right mind would have 38 cats in their home - and be willing to accept 2 more?!?
Naturally, I told her that we'd keep looking. I can't imagine that our guys would get any attention living with so many other cats.



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