19 November 2005

El Tour

Every year Tucson holds the El Tour de Tucson, a cycling event that that covers a 109 mile route and this year had 7,800 registered riders. The only famous rider name that jumped out at me was Floyd Landis, but people come from all over the country for this race. The route goes right through Canyon Ranch, and we were able to get an excellent view of the riders as they whizzed by. Dylan's boss, Lisa, rides in the El Tour every year and finished the 109 mile race in just over 5 hours (sheesh!). Here are some pictures of the race...

(Lisa cruised by about a half hour earlier than we expected her to...as a result all I got was her back as she zoomed away...I talked to her later and learned that she shaved something like 35 minutes off of her total time from last year. Amazing!)



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