19 June 2008


At the beginning of the month I/we took a little vacation and toured around a good chunk of California. I started out driving west and camping overnight in Joshua Tree, which was beautiful. I had not been there before and am really glad I stopped. I basically rolled in just before the sun started going down and took pictures until it was gone and the stars were out. Then I set up my tent and attempted to get some sleep. I say attempted because it was actually quite windy. In fact, I had originally planned to have a glorious morning yoga practice amidst the Joshua Trees...well, that plan had to be scrapped due to wind, but I did get to discover a funky little coffee shop in town and have a bagel and coffee there before setting out.

My next stop was Santa Cruz where my dear friend Katie is finishing up her grad program (Paleoclimatology, in case you are interested). She has already blogged about our visit here. To get to her I drove up Hwy 101, through zillions of lettuce patches. At the end of the day I passed numerous farmworker buses carting workers back to their living quarters. Once in Santa Cruz, our three days were filled primarily with eating, talking, some walking, more eating and a lot of baking. Much fun was had with heavenly strawberries. I think we must have done more than that, but really, it was a classic Katie-Micha few days.

Dylan flew into town from Miami (where he had been sweatin' it out for work) and we traveled together up to the Santa Rosa area to visit his uncle John. We got into town just in time to go hear John's jazz trio play at a local winery, enjoy the sun setting over the grapevines and reflect on how lucky we are in so, so many ways...

The next day we went with John into Forestville to see the annual parade and hang out for the first day of the 2-day music and bbq extravaganza in the park. I'm not sure you can get more of a vacation feel than that!

We finished up our trip with a whirlwind visit to Liz and Woody in Pasadena. I've got no picture love to show from this visit, as we were literally there for less than 12 hours (and we slept during that time...). Hopefully, though, there is another trip in the near future, one where I can spend a little more time catching up with Liz :)


Nini said...

Heeh. I was scrolling down and I though it was you in that picture, not Katie. My thought? Woah, your boobs shrank...!

I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. :)


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