02 April 2008


Today I was forwarded a story from CNN.com about children who develop autism after receiving their MMR immunization shots.
Many of you know that my youngest cousin had a extreme developmental after being vaccinated (not autisim, but his development was severly impaired). Sadly, I have met other people in this world who have had similar reactions to vaccinations as babies.
I asked a nurse friend of mine what he thought of this and his reply was that children are given too many vaccinations at once, mostly for public health reasons. Since they know that you'll be brining them in a number of times as babies, they schedule all the vaccinations then. Perhaps if you pay the extra $$ to have your child receive vaccinations for each disease separately there is less risk. I've also heard that if you wait until after your kids have reaced 2 years of age, their bodies are better equipped to handle the vaccinations.
Personally, I don't expect that I'll be vaccinating my kids. I'll not so keen on the mingling of politics and medicine.



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