29 April 2008

Char Siu Bao

Ten Little Girls in Two Straight Lines

In Tucson there really isn't any amazing Chinese food. In fact, most Chinese restaurants also serve Japanese, Korean, and/or Vietnamese in some combination. You want a specific regional style of Chinese? HA!
OK, maybe it's not that bad...we have found a few asian restaurants we adore, but not a Chinese one. (If anyone reading knows of one in Tucson that we should try, please tell me!).
Tucson certainly is not Chicago, or San Francisco or Seattle. There's not a "Chinatown" where you can go and get your fix on delectable delights.
For me, even the "International District," as it is called, in Seattle is pitiful compared with my hometown. I remember as a kid going to Chicago's Chinatown every Saturday after dance class and always going to the same restaurant, with the same waitress, Sue. Heck, she was teaching us to order our favorite dishes in Mandarin. Many of my favorites are are beyone my spelling skills, but man, I know what I want.
Ah, Chinatown. We also went there for the Chinese New Year celebration every year. Usually it was me, my mom, sis and cousin. We always went to one of the bakeries and brought back Char Siu Bao for our uncle.
Alas, I have found no yummy Char Siu Bao in Tucson. Sometimes you just have to DIY. Here, dear friends, is my first attempt at Char Siu Bao. Not too bad, if I don't say so myself :)

Char Siu Bao, originally uploaded by sunpath.



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