08 January 2007

little things

I have to admit...while I miss Chicago & Seattle terribly, I really do like this place that is Tucson.

No, there are not tall, leafy trees and no, I can't garden in the same way I did in Seattle. Our old friends and families still don't live here. No, Tucson isn't the same as other places we have lived. It just isn't.

What I've realized, though, is that what Tucson is is not immediately noticeable. You can't just drive through town and get it. If you did that, all you would see would be strip malls and short stubby trees. You'd think, "Gosh, for a city of 1,000,000 people, what kind of a podunk place is this?"

Of course if you look at Tucson the same way one might look at the desert for beauty, you just might find it. The wide open expanses and endless skies are awesome and lonely. The tiny, tiny flowers that a plant creates to continue the life cycle of the species are beautiful. Tucson is the same way. You have to look a little closer to see what's there.



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