14 February 2006

Vacation and Back Again

Yes, I've been lazy. I apologize. Now, on with the show.
We drove up to Las Vegas the weekend of 1/20 to see G. Love and visit with Brant (Dylan's bud from Whitman). The trip was long (8 hours) but we only filled up the gas tank twice the whole trip (yep, we spent $40 total to drive from Tucson to Las Vegas and back). Go Pri-Pri.
The day after the concert Dylan hung out with Brant and his adorable daughter, Kameryn, while I drove to the Valley of Fire to do some shooting. Not one to miss out on the action, I spent some quality time "rough housing" with Kameryn when I got back. Below is a sample of the Valley of Fire shoot. I highly reccomend visiting this place if you are in Vegas...it's only a quick 45 min. drive away!



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