25 December 2005

Christmas on the Coast

For Christmas this year we rented a big house in Gearhart, OR. Family members from around the country came to celebrate with us (as well as some treasured friends).
As soon as we touched down in Portland we started to feel Christmas cheer overcoming us. Something about the dim darkness and the twinkling lights. It still seems like Seattle Summer in Tucson.
The first thing we did was stop in at the Bridgeport Brewpub on Hawthorne for some wood fired pizza and yummy beer.

Sadly, I must report that I do not have a good group shot from our trip. My plan is to make a movie to string together what we do have. In the mean time, all you get is a shot of Dylan and I from the coast (can you imagine a trip to the coast without stopping at Tillamok for icecream and cheese??).



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