03 October 2005

many moons

Many moons ago, back in mid-July, Bonnie and I threw a canning party - for ourselves. We started by picking some beets out of her P-Patch...

They were HUGE!

We then cooked them and prepared the pickling broth (with lots of vinegar and allspice) on the stove...

Man, that vinegar stung our eyes!

We also canned blueberry-lime jam (a recipie out of the Blue Ball Book of Canning).

I think I laughed harder that night (especially after half a bottle of wine) than I had in a while. Sooooo good for the soul!


Liz said...

The pictures and commentary alone were enough to get me giggling on my couch tonight - hallelujah to the joys of canning (voyeuristically/virtually).


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