21 October 2005


We've made it, safe and sound.
There was a bit of drama with our unsedated kitties, but not much. Caleb squirmed in pain during landing and Rory tossed his breakfast, but otherwise they were really well behaved. After some confusion getting picked up (they thought we were driving our car in, but our truck was in transport from Seattle on a tractor-trailor) we finally got to the Ranch...
We can't have our kitties with us in our room here, so we had to find a place to board them. We got in at about 5 pm and the place we had pre-arranged to board the kitties was closed. In fact, every place we called out of the yellow pages was closing in the next few minutes. We did not have a car, so we were at the mercy of the CR vans to be able to deliver us to a Vet/Boarding facility. AND, all of the CR vans were out driving other guests around!
Finally, at 5:45, we found the Sabino Canyon Pet Resort, which closes at 6 pm. Still, the CR vans were out on other errands. In a moment of quick thinking, the Bell Desk organizer saved they day by calling the town car service they use. Fortunately they were pulling through the gate at that moment and were able to whisk Dylan, Caleb and Rory off while I called the Pet Resort back to let them know we were on the way. In the back seat of a Lincoln Town Car with tinted windows our kitties rode to their resort in style...
When Dylan got back we ate our second meal of the day (you gotta love how airlines feed you NOTHING, even when you fly during a meal time) and I headed to the Whirlpool to relax my stressed-out body.




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