09 August 2005

Damn the Dams

Interesting article in the Idaho Statesman today: (Expert changes his mind: Dams should come down). Chapman (fisheries biologist and hydroelectric utilities consultant turned salmon activist) seems to still have critical thinker qualities at the age of 74. This is good news for the world at large and bad news for the can't-teach-an-old-dog-new-tricks sterotype. Here is a man who earlier this year was working against dam removal and over-spill but still seems to have pieced things together for himself and picked a new tack. This proves that it isn't fair for people to hide behind their already established beliefs AND that none of us will die if we allow our belief system to be shaken. In this case he just happens to agree with my opinions, but this lesson is for everyone, not just those I disagree with. Everyone thinks they are in the "right." It is each of our jobs to evaluate all of the factors, remove existing biases and determine where "right" is for us.

More kudos for Chapman...on Bush's fisheries policy:
"It's so contrary to logic and common sense that I feel offended," Chapman said.

I couldn't agree more.



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